Red Dead Online: Virgil Edwards Legendary Bounty

Released as the third Prestigious Bounty Hunt in Red Dead Online was Virgil “The Shepherd” Edwards. This bounty target is the cult leader of a group called the 7th Generation Sect. The group is becoming far more violent of late as their prophecies become much darker. To avoid any further bloodshed it is up to you to bring this bounty to justice. To learn more about this hunt see our Virgil Edwards legendary bounty guide below.

How to Start the Virgil “The Shepherd” Edwards Bounty

Image showing How to Start the Virgil The Shepherd Edwards Bounty in Red Dead Online.

To start this prestigious bounty make your way to any Bounty Board and interact with it. When you do you will see the bounty on the right side of the board. Highlight the bounty and accept it to trigger this prestigious bounty. You will watch a brief cutscene before the bounty starts that gives a little bit of backstory on Virgil.

Search the Camps for “Shepherd” Vigil Edwards’s Location

Image showing where to Search the Camps for Shepherd Vigil Edwards's Location.

When you take control after the cutscene you sill see three locations in Roanoke Valley you need to visit to find clues of where the target is. These three locations are home to cultists camps teeming with cultist enemies. Within each camp there is a leader you need to find and loot to get the “Shepherd” Virgil Edwards Note. My note was found on a female cultist in the northeast camp area. After you get this note you will receive a new objective.

Search to Area for the Cave Entrance and Find Vigil

Head to the location on your map to the west of Annesburg. At this location enter the cave there and make your way to the end of it. While you are traversing the cave you will hear Vigil speaking. Follow his voice to the very back of the cave to find the bounty target. Keep in mind that Vigil is wearing armor that means you have to weaken him before you can kill or capture him. Once he is weakened enough he will fall to his knees letting you kill or capture him.

Once you’ve killed or captured Vigil take him to your horse and ride to the jail in Annesburg. Deliver Vigil to the jail to receive your reward which is Gold, XP, and $RDO. Upon completing this mission you will need to wait for the bounty to refresh to replay it. Each new attempt will be a harder version.

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