Red Dead Online Guide: How to Quickly Level Moonshiner

The Moonshiner is a new role in Red Dead Online that allows you to sell Moonshine for money and XP. Like other roles in the game the Moonshiner role can be leveled up to 20. Each level up of the role unlocks new items or upgrades to focused on that role. If you want to know how to quickly level Moonshiner you’ve come to the right place. Below I share with you some tips to level this Frontier Pursuit up quickly.

NOTE: this guide does not emphasize profitability. It is simply how to earn the most Moonshiner XP.

Always Sell Weak Flavored Moonshine

Image showing Weak Flavored Moonshine for sale in Red Dead online.

The lowest form of Flavored Moonshine you can sell has a base of Weak Moonshine. To make Weak Flavored Moonshine take Weak Moonshine and add Flavoring. Since Weak Flavored Moonshine can be churned out every 30 minutes, you get the most XP bang for your buck with this product (other higher quality Moonshine base products gives marginally higher XP at longer wait times).

To maximize your XP earn you want to always have Weak Flavored Moonshine being cooked (even if that means paying $50 for the Mash). Each sale of a 1 Star Weak Flavored Moonshine will net you 770 Moonshiner XP, 2 Stars will net you 970 XP, and 3 Stars will net you 1170 XP. As you unlock higher star quality flavors you want to switch your cooking to those flavors whenever possible.

When you flavor the Moonshine (like with Tropical Punch which is easy to acquire) you can earn 100 XP/200XP/300XP (depending on star quality) simply flavoring the drink. Flavor the drink every time for easy additional experience. Keep in mind changing flavor mid cook does not earn you any bonus XP. This means selling Weak Flavored Moonshine equals about one level per hour.


  • At rank 15 you unlock a passive that cuts production time down to 24 minutes.
  • Always aim to cook highest Star Quality drink when available.
  • Watch time on buyers reset so you don’t get caught on a switch.
  • If you do run out of time you have until 20 Bottles Made to switch flavors.
  • The extra buyer you unlock at Rank 9 simply makes it more likely for you to have a buyer for higher Star moonshine. That’s it.
  • You make 50 Moonshiner XP when a batch is completed.

Complete Bootlegger Missions During Cook Time

Image showing a Bootlegger Mission in Red Dead online.

While your product is cooking you want to stay busy be completing Bootlegger Missions. Bootlegger Missions, unlike Story Missions, don’t stop the cook time. These short side missions can be completed to earn an additional 300-400 Moonshiner XP while your product is cooking. I’ve personally played five types of Bootlegger Missions:

  • Take out the Revenue Agents (usually 1 to 2 roadblocks).
  • Poison Still of rival Moonshiners.
  • Brawl with rival Moonshiners.
  • Destroy rival Moonshiners property.
  • Escort drunk Patron.

I haven’t timed it between completion and when you can play a Bootlegger Mission again, but it appears to be 10-15 minutes which means you should be able to squeeze at least two missions in per cook cycle. This means you can earn about 600-700 Moonshiner XP per 30 minutes while your product cooks. This is on top of the XP you earn for selling product. During Bootlegger Missions be sure to search bodies for possible ingredients.

Tips for Delivering Moonshine

Image showing selling moonshine in Red Dead Online.

Delivering Moonshine can be a bit frustrating since you lose product from the wagon fairly easily. With that said it’s in your best interest to deliver as much of your product as possible. To help here are some tips:

  • Never go off the road. Ever. It is far to easy to lose product from every little bump or rock off the road.
  • Stop before Revenue Agent stops, get off your wagon and take them out. Makes life much easier.
  • Don’t go overly fast. Seems to be easy way to lose control of the wagon and lose cargo.
  • It seems you will always lose at least 1 bottle.
  • Make sales at off hours to avoid other players.

While the above tips aren’t guaranteed to ensure you deliver all your cargo, think of them as best practices. When followed they greatly influence the chance of delivering most of your moonshine.

That’s all you need to know on how to level the Moonshiner role in Red Dead Online as quickly as possible. If you have more tips and tricks drop them in the comments below to help your fellow cowboys. Thanks for reading.

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