Red Dead Online: Festive Feast Collection Guide

Red Dead Online is currently getting festive with a number of holiday events. These events include a number of bonuses like Rockstar gifts, new game modes, and a new collection for Collectors to find for Madam Nazar called the Festive Feast Collection. To help you complete this collection use our Festive Feast Collection guide below.

What Items are in the Festive Feast Collection?

Image showing the Festive Feast Collection letter at the Post Office in Red Dead Online.

The Festive Feast is a new, limited time collection players can find for Madam Nazar that is running between December 24th to December 30th. Like other collections you need to find a number of items for Madam Nazar to complete the set. Once the set is complete you can sell the collection to Madam Nazar for more money than the individual items sell on their own. Here’s what items are in the Festive Feast Collection:

  • Goose Egg.
  • Cognac.
  • Thyme Plump Bird.

When you login for the first time you will receive a message from Madam Nazar at the nearest Post Office. Get the letter then head out and start gathering the full set.

To get the full sell amount from Madam Nazar you want to collect all three of the items listed above before you turn in the collection. If you opt to sell the items individually you will lose out on money.

Where to Find Goose Egg, Cognac, and Thyme Plump Bird?

Image showing how to make the Thyme Plump Bird in Red Dead Online.

Like other collectibles in Red Dead Online, the items listed above can be found in changing spawn points across the map. Since the items locations are changing pretty much daily your best bet is to use the Jeanropke map here. It is constantly updating with the new spawns and cycles. If you don’t want to use the map here are some location tips:

  • Goose Egg: can be found in nests on the ground.
  • Cognac: can be looted off of enemies like rival Moonshiners and Revenue Agents.
  • Thyme Plump Bird: can be made using Chicken, Goose, Rooster, or Turkey and Creeping Thyme at a campfire.

Once you have the required items listed above make your way to Madam Nazar (note her location changes daily).

What Does the Festive Feast Collection Sell For?

With the three items collected above head to to Madam Nazar and turn in the Festive Feast Collection. When you turn in this completed collection you earn $50 for your efforts alongside some XP.

That’s all you need to know about the Festive Feast Collection. As you can see above, completing this collection is a good way to make some easy money. This collection is the first of two holiday collections with the next one being called the New Year Collection.

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