Rebel Inc: Escalation – Infectious Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Infectious Achievement


  • Achievement difficulty: 8/10
  • Map: Any
  • Governor: Any
  • Advisors: Any
  • Game difficulty: Any


  • (Optional) Choose map Saffron fields,Civil servant, Any advisors (I used my standard ones: Doctor, Tribal Elder, Celebrity, Tax Collector , Drill Sergeant and Logistics Expert), Casual difficulty.
  • (Optional) Start in ‘Delta Yankee’ (In the middle of the map).

The ‘Infectious’ achievement has you try and complete a game on Plague Inc.’s official release date. (May 2012). You’ll have ~10 years to stabalise the entire map.

01: Play normally

  • Play as you would normally.

02: Get to a comfortable winning position

  • You should have insurgents trapped in the band of mountains to the north east, most other zones stabalised. You should be in this position by at least 2007-2008 to be safe.

03: Peace

  • I recommend getting this achievement by accepting a peace deal. You should now try and negotiate a deal with the insurgents. Don’t accept the deal yet.

04: About to win

  • Get the insurgents into one of the remote mountain zones and wait until its the end of 2011. You should have stabalised all other zones.

05: Accepting the peace deal

  • Aim to accept the deal by December of 2011 as it takes a bit if time to clear out the insurgents. If you time it right, you should win on May 2012.
  • I had to repeat this process many, many times to get the achievemnent on my second account however, i did eventually get it.

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