RDR2 PC Decrypting & Redownloading 112 GB, Game Stopped Decrypting

The decrypting message on the Rockstar launcher, asking you to re-download all 112 GB, and the game decryption stopping are all things that PC players have encountered while attempting to install Red Dead Redemption 2. All this stuff are minor annoyances that can be fixed easily, but those that don’t know how to solve them are gonna be in a bit of a pickle. If you’re experiencing one of these problems, then our RDR2 PC Decrypting & Redownloading 112 GB, Game Stopped Decrypting guide is the right place for you.

RDR2 PC Decrypting & Redownloading 112 GB Game Stopped Decrypting
RDR2 PC Decrypting & Redownloading 112 GB, Game Stopped Decrypting

What Does Decrypting Message in Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Version Mean?

The “Decrypting” message that many of you have already met when attempting to install Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC means that the Rockstar launcher is unpacking the files. One assumes that it’s an anti-piracy measure, and it’s gonna tack on some extra time to the installation process. How long? Well, we can’t really say for certain. Some estimates floating around the internet are saying that it can take around half an hour if you don’t have an SSD. Your mileage is most certainly going to vary, though.

To make matters worse, there’s yet another, if minor download that comes after the decrypting process. An additional 3 GB is nothing at this point, but it piles onto the frustration. But, what’re you gonna do, not play Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC? The only thing I can say for certain is that you should start the process as soon as possible to get all this stuff over with. Also, you can try to restart the launcher, that seems to speed up the decrypting, at least a bit.

Re-Downloading All 112 GB RDR2 Rockstar Launcher Message in – How to Solve?

If the Rockstar launcher asks you to reload the entire 112 GB of the game, don’t despair. You don’t have to do it. Just cancel the download, and the decryption process should start right afterwards. Some people have also restarted the launcher, and everything worked just fine. Only if these two actions don’t work, only then should you consider downloading the whole thing. And I’m so sorry if that is the case with you.

RDR2 Game Stopped Decrypting – How to Fix Issue?

If Red Dead Redemption 2 stops decrypting mid-way, the most likely cause is that you don’t have enough space on your hard drive. See, the game’s decryption process actually requires somewhat over 220 GB of hard drive space. Basically, at one point, you’ll have a duplicate of the game when the decryption is over. Don’t worry, the copy is gonna delete itself, and everything will be fine. If that’s not the case, then some files might have gotten corrupted during the download process. You’d better hope it’s not, because if it is, you’ll have to start the download all over again.

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