RDR2 Online Bootlegger Moonshine Sale Mission Bug – Stuck on Loading Screen, Instant Fail

Moonshine Sale Bootlegger missions are repeatable role missions in Red Dead Online. The Moonshiners update brought a new role into the game, with its own repeatable missions. We’ve seen more than a few reports from people experiencing issues with these. We got stuck on an infinite loading screen ourselves, while others had the mission fail instantly as soon as it starts. This guide is going to show you how to fix or avoid RDR2 Online moonshiner bootlegger mission bugs, so you don’t get stuck on loading screens or fail before you’ve even started.

rdr2 online moonshiner bootlegger mission bug stuck on loading screen instant fail
RDR2 Online Moonshine Sale Bootlegger Mission Bug – Stuck on Loading Screen, Instant Fail – Moonshiners

Moonshine Sale mission bug

First off, bear in mind that the missions not showing up at the quest giver isn’t a bug. Each of them has a cooldown, so you can’t just keep doing them endlessly – you’ll need to take breaks.

If you get stuck in a loading screen after taking one of these repeatable missions, rest assured that one is a bug. If you get trapped in an infinite loading screen, the only thing that helps is killing the application. On PC, you can do this by either pressing Alt+F4, or using Shift+Ctrl+Esc to open the task manager, then finding the process and ending it. On PS4, you can press the Options button, then use the option to close the application.

You might lose progress if this happens, so try to force the game into saving before you try taking on bootlegger missions. You can trigger the autosave by fast traveling, changing areas or undertaking a different activity.

The other common mission bug we’ve seen mentioned is failing as soon as you start. If this happens, you can just go back and talk to the quest giver. As we’ve mentioned, you might run into an issue with the cooldowns, so she might not offer the same mission again so soon. The only other thing you can do is avoid them until Rockstar issues a patch that fixes these errors.

Unable to sell moonshine

Another bug occurs when you choose the delivery option. It plays a cut scene with Marcel and stuck at a black loading screen. You should visit Bert who buys your hooch for cheaper it doesn’t bug. However you barely make a profit selling to him so the only point is for XP. (thanks Patrick-Mcglory)

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