PS5: Recommended Settings, Save Game Data Transfer & Account Setup Explained in Videos

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released some new videos for the PS5 that explain how to set up the console and how to transfer the account, recommended settings for PS5, and save game data.

At the end of next week, the American and Japanese players, among others, will be able to enjoy the PS5, while in Europe and other countries we will have to wait almost two weeks for the start of the new generation of consoles. So that you can prepare yourself for setting up the console, Sony Interactive Entertainment has also provided some videos that should bring you closer to some topics.

Recommended Settings for PS5

Among other things, we are presented with the recommended settings of PS5 so that you can take full advantage of all the new functions of the new console of Sony. This gives you the option of making targeted settings for the 3D audio, the haptic feedback, and the adaptive triggers. According to this, there are several audio profiles available for the 3D audio that can be used with the new PULSE 3D wireless headset from Sony. The strength of the feedback from the new controller functions can also be adjusted so that you can find out your preference in this case too.

The PlayStation 5 also offers various energy-saving options for sleep mode. For the best experience, the console can still download and install updates, charge controllers, and launch via PlayStation App or Remote Play.

PS5 Account Setup: This is how you use your account

A second video explains how you can transfer your own account to the PlayStation 5 so that you can continue to use your special online ID, friends, trophies and credit and access rights for compatible games, videos and music.

Accordingly, when you start the PlayStation 5 for the first time, you can first make the Internet settings and update the system software before you get two options for the account transfer. On the one hand, you can use your email address and password to log in. On the other hand, you can also scan a QR code in order to connect to the console via the PlayStation app. In addition, you can still change the online ID, name, profile picture, avatar, cover picture and some data via your own profile.

Transferring Save Game Data from PS4 to PS5

A third and last video again explains the transfer of save game data from the current console to the new one, so that backwards compatible games can be continued right where you left off on the PlayStation 4.

If you are logged into both consoles with the same account and they are in the same network, you can transfer the save data directly. The data transfer can be accelerated by using an Ethernet cable. Incidentally, the data is transferred in the background so that you can use the PlayStation 5 in peace during this time.

Alternatively, you can also use an external hard drive on which you have already installed PlayStation 4 games. This also keeps the memory of the internal hard drive free.

In addition, the saved data of the games can be transferred to the PlayStation 5 either via data transfer or via PlayStation Plus. If you use PlayStation Plus, you should upload all the desired storage data to the cloud. However, you can also use a USB stick.

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