Project Hospital – Labs and Radiology: A Guide to Advanced Diagnoses

There’s only so much a clinic office can do to diagnose a patient. Perform Physical exams, Take a CRP… But eventually you’re gonna get those patients that need a little more diagnosing power. Enter Labs and Radiology! Aka: When and when not to waste your money on imaging machines

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STAT Labs: The Samples of Truth

The first step in complex diagnoses begins in the STAT Lab. It’s recommended contents depends on the department, but it’s best you squeeze them all in, just to widen your investigations.


  • Trying to differentiate between bacterial and viral tonsillitis.
  • Trying to differentiate the fungus on your patient’s toe.
  • Hmm, this patient is gassy. Have we checked their poop?

Basic Radiology: Xrays, CTs, and MRIs

Xray Room

Once you start up your emergency clinic, you’re bound to get at least one patient that shows their contused hand/chest/leg/foot/arm and says: “Is it Broken, Doc?”

This is where Xray comes in. All you gotta do is reserve some space for the big Xray Room and a waiting room. Then just hire a decent tech and boom! You got yourself your first piece of Radiological equipment!


  • Emergency Clinic.
  • Basic Orthopeaday.
  • Barium Swallows for Gen. Surgery (gotta find that fistula somehow).

CT Room

The first of the expensive scanning doughnuts, this bucko will be a livesaver in most departments, as they sometimes will need more than a quick X-Ray or Blood test to figure out what’s inside. I found this out in the hard way in setting up Cardiology, as without scanning beyond X-Rays, They can’t see what’s in that heart!


  • Organ Scanning.
  • Internal Med.
  • General surgery.
  • Advanced Orthopeady.
  • Neurology to an extent.
  • Cardiology to an extent.

MRI Room

The most expensive of the doughnuts, this is chew a fat wad out of your budget and will never be used unless Neurology or some other department wants to use them, usually neurology.


  • Advanced Neurology.
  • Advanced Ortho (for muscles).
  • Decent use by cardiology.

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