Pokemon Sword & Shield Yamper Location – Boltund Evolution

Yamper is a new Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield that you can catch and evolve into Boltund. It is an Electric type Pokemon, and it looks like a little corgi puppy, automatically elevating it to my favorite Pokemon ever. There’s a number of areas that you can find Yamper in, including routes, Wild Areas, etc. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find and how to evolve Yamper in Pokemon Sword & Shield to save you some time.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Yamper Location Boltund Evolution
Pokemon Sword & Shield Yamper Location – Boltund Evolution

Where to find Yamper?

To find Yamper in Pokemon Sword & Shield, there are several locations where you can look for it. On Route 2 (including Lakeside) and Route 4, you can find it in all types of weather. The chances are 5% and 20%, respectively. If you want better odds, there are more locations to explore, but Yamper will only appear in these places in thunderstorms. The areas to look in are Stony Wilderness Area 2 (45% chance), Motostoke Riverbank (40% chance), Stony Wilderness (35% chance), and Giant’s Mirror (10% chance).

The odds of catching a male or female Yamper are 50 / 50, as is the case with most Pokemon in Sword & Shield. And, yes, before you ask, this is the most adorable Pokemon in the game. I will fight you on this.

How does Boltund Evolution Work?

Yamper evolves into Boltund when it reaches level 25. That’s the only requirement. Boltund is another very cute dog, and is, of course, way more powerful than a regular Yamper. However, it’s not a corgi, so that’s a pretty big flaw. But, yeah; if you want to evolve Yamper into Boltund, just get it up to level 25, and you’re good to go.

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