Referral systems are a fairly common staple of online and mobile games. When you have a newfound gaming addiction, it’s pretty normal to want to share it around with your friends so you can all talk about it. The notion is even more appealing when you get in-game rewards for sharing it around. Well, guess what Pokémon GO has now? Here are the Pokémon GO referral system rewards.

Okay, so first of all, not everyone can do this yet. Niantic wants to test the referral system out a bit before they let it loose on the whole world, so for the moment, only Pokémon GO players in Australia can access it. If you happen to live in Australia, then you can send your unique referral code to anyone who doesn’t already have an account, or someone who does but hasn’t played the game in at least 90 days. If someone signs up for the game using your referral code, the two of you become linked. Whenever the referred user completes specific tasks, both you and they will receive rewards such as items or specific Pokémon encounters.

Pokémon GO Referral System Rewards

Here’s a list of tasks to complete, the rewards for the referred user, and the rewards for the referrer.

  • Hatch 3 Eggs: Referred gets 1 Rare Candy, referrer gets Galarian Farfetch’d encounter.
  • Win a Raid: Referred gets 1 Raid Pass, referrer gets Bagon encounter.
  • Catch 50 Pokémon: Referred gets 1 Super Incubator, referrer gets Darumaka encounter.
  • Defeat 3 Team GO Rocket Grunts: Both users get Charizard encounters.
  • Hatch 20 Eggs: Referred gets Chansey encounter, Referrer gets Deino encounter.
  • Give a Buddy Pokémon 50 treats: Referred gets 5 Rare Candy, referrer gets Gible encounter.
  • Defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader: Both users get 50 Mega Energy.
  • Win 3 Raids: Referred gets Lapras encounter, referrer gets 1 Raid Pass.
  • Catch 1,000 Pokémon: Referred gets 3 Raid Passes, referrer gets 3 Incense.
  • Trade 5 Pokémon: Both users get 10 Pidgey stickers.
  • Make 2 new friends: Both users get 10 Pikachu stickers.
  • Win 20 Raids: Referred gets 3 Super Incubators, referrer gets 5 Super Incubators
  • Make 100 Nice Throws: Referred gets Snorlax encounter, referrer gets 2 Super Incubators.
  • Earn 50 Candy while walking with a Buddy Pokémon: Referred gets 5 Raid Passes, referrer gets 30 Rare Candy
  • Visit a PokéStop 30 Days in a Row: Both users get a mystery encounter.