Mega Ampharos raids are officially available in Pokemon GO since early this week. Test your skills and see if you can beat this Pokemon for a shiny and 100% IV variant. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best moveset for Mega Ampharos in Pokemon GO, as well as some weaknesses and counters, and other useful information.

The mega form transforms Ampharos from an Electric-type Pokemon into an Electric and Dragon-type Pokemon. Trainers can exploit the Dragon weakness in raids, and Dragon Pulse will be the only Dragon-type move.

During the Johto Celebration Event, which occurs from January 26 at 10 AM Local Time to January 31 at 8 PM Local Time, Trainers can evolve Flaaffy (evolved from Mareep) to get an Ampharos that knows Dragon Pulse. You may want to focus on getting a high-quality Mareep for that reason. Mareep day is tomorrow, January 23, at 11 AM Local Time, so it’s a perfect opportunity to get right on that.

Best moveset for Mega Ampharos in Pokemon GO

Move Type Type Damage Energy
Charge Beam Fast Electric 90 3.6
Volt Switch Fast Electric 140 4
Thunder Charged Electric 100 60
Focus Blast Charged Fighting 140 75
Zap Cannon Charged Electric 150 80
Power Gem Charged Rock 80 60
Thunder Punch Charged Electric 55 40
Dragon Pulse Charged Dragon 90 60

Dragon-type Mega Ampharos lacks in that it has no good Dragon type fast move. Dragon Pulse is also not very effective when comparing it to Outrage, for example. For that reason, focus on building Mega Ampharos as an Electric-type attack Pokemon. It has massive attack damage, even though it is a bit on the squishy side.

The best movesets to go with for Mega Ampharos are likely Volt Switch for the Fast Move, followed by Zap Cannon for the Charged Move. Volt Switch is the obvious choice here for Fast Move as it deals more damage with not much difference to energy. Zap Cannon is a solid choice for Charge Move, as it’s the hardest-hitting Electric move available, which will provide optimal damage output.

Mega Ampharos Counters

Mega Ampharos is a Dragon and Electric-type Pokemon with a max CP of 4799. It has the following weaknesses and resistances:

  • Mega Ampharos Weaknesses: Ice, Ground, Fairy, Dragon
  • Mega Ampharos Resistances: Electric*, Fire, Flying, Grass, Steel, Water

Ampharos has a lot of Electric moves Top counters against Mega Ampharos include:

  • Shadow Dragonite: Dragon Tail and Outrage
  • Shadow Salamence: Dragon Tail and Outrage
  • Garchomp: Dragon Tail and Outrage
  • Zekrom: Dragon Breath and Outrage
  • Haxorus: Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw
  • Rayquaza: Dragon Tail and Outrage

The recommend number of trainers to take down Mega Ampharos is between 3 and 5. Make sure you are with high level Trainers, and be sure to use more people if not.