Image via Niantic/Nintendo

The twin Eon Pokemon Latias and Latios are a little harder to nail down origin-wise than some of the other Gen 3 legendaries. Fans have hypothesized that they’re supposed to embody the concepts of Yin and Yang, with Latias being cute and peppy and Latios being stern and serious, though I’m not entirely sure what Yin and Yang have to do with dragons and jet planes. Well, even if it’s a little harder to figure out, they’re still cool Pokémon, with Latias in particular being a cute choice. But the real question is, is Latias any good in Pokemon GO?

As a Dragon/Psychic type, Latias’ resistances shake out like this:

  • Weak to: Fairy, Ghost, Dark, Dragon, Ice, Bug
  • Resistant to: Fighting, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Fire

Quite a split, huh? Legendaries are often hearty enough to overcome their typing disadvantages, provided they have decent base stats. Are Latias’ good enough to cover those weaknesses? Well, that kinda depends on the context you put her in.

Pokemon GO: Is Latias Good?

As a standalone choice for PvE, Latias is perfectly serviceable. It’s got an attack of 228, a defense of 246, and a stamina of 190, all above-average stats, plus an impressive max CP of 3,510. Its kit includes the following moves:

Quick Moves

  • Dragon Breath (Dragon)
  • Zen Headbutt (Psychic)
  • Charm (Fairy)

Charge Moves

  • Thunder (Electric)
  • Psychic (Psychic)
  • Outrage (Dragon)

Combining Dragon Breath and Outrage results in some good DPS, more than enough to handle most five-star raids.

However, in the context of PvP, Latias becomes less impressive, especially when compared to her brother Latios. Latios possesses a higher base attack stat and can deal better DPS. Latias has higher defense, but due to its lower attack, it has difficulty dealing a lot of damage quickly, which can sour an attempt on the Master League.

If you find yourself with a Latias, by all means, pack it for some raids, as it’ll serve you just fine. But when it’s time to step up to the big leagues, you’ll want to leave the jet dragons at home.