Pokemon have always been able to evolve into the next level in the evolutionary chain to become more powerful. In Pokemon GO, you’ll need to collect Candy by completing various tasks. Some Pokemon are unique, though, and require additional items like modules or other resources to evolve. One of the more common questions about evolutions is how to evolve Noepass into Probopass in Pokemon GO. We’ll explain the steps you need to follow to achieve this down below.

How to Evolve Nosepass into Probopass in Pokemon GO

Here are the three simple steps you can follow to evolve Nosepass into Probopass in Pokemon GO:

  1. Obtain 50 Nosepass Candy
  2. Get a Magnetic Lure Module
  3. Place the Module on a PokeStop
  4. Evolve your Nosepass into Probopass

You will need to get yourself a Magnetic Lure, which can be obtained from the store or as a reward from some Special Research tasks. The Magnetic Lure Module is an electronic Lure Module that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes, especially those with a magnetic field. It can also cause some Pokemon to evolve, like Magneton and Nosepass, for example.

Once you get your Magnetic Lure Module, head to any nearby PokeStop with an empty Module slot. Equip the Magnetic Lure Module at the PokeStop. While you’re still nearby the PokeStop, you can open up your Pokemon menu and evolve Nosepass into Probopass. Oh, and you’ll also need to make sure you have 50 Nosepass Candy on hand. You’ll be able to rack these up fairly quickly over time, especially when events are underway.

One cool trick is that the Magnetic Lure Module does not have to be yours. Any PokeStop with an active Magnetic Lure will work for evolutionary purposes, so if you have some friends who need to evolve their Nosepass, let them know!