Pokemon GO’s upcoming community day features the Tiny Robin Pokemon known as Fletchling. The Normal and Flying-type Pokemon has two evolution forms: Fletchinder and Talonflame. Take advantage of the upcoming Pokemon GO Fletchling Community Day this Saturday to catch plenty of Fletchlings and get yourself a Talonflame with an event-exclusive move. Let’s take a look at all the event bonuses and what you can expect.

Pokemon GO Fletchling Community Day begins on Saturday, March 6, at 11 AM and ends at 5 PM Local Time.

Pokemon GO Fletchling Community Day

  • Increased Spawns
  • Event-exclusive move
  • Three-hour incense duration
  • Three times XP for catching Pokemon
  • Surprise bonus for taking Snapshots during Community Day
  • Fletchling Community Day Exclusive Special Research

As always, you can catch a flock of Fletchling to get a Talonflame with an exclusive attack. Fletchinder evolved into Talonflame, or a Talonflame caught during the six-hour event (and two hours after), will have the event-exclusive move Incinerate

Take advantage of the three-hour incense duration for more encounters, and a massive three times bonus XP for catching Pokemon. There’s also a surprise bonus available for taking Snapshots during the Community Day event. We’ll keep you posted on the exclusive Special Research when the event goes live.

Trainers can also access the Community Day-exclusive Special Research ‘The Bravest Bird’ for $1 through the in-game shop. A one-time special Community Day Box is also available for 1280 PokeCoins, containing 50 Ultra Balls, 5 Lucky Eggs, a Poffin, and an Elite Fast TM. 

Have fun this Saturday, March 6 at 11 AM Local Time for the six-hour Community Day event, Trainers!