Trainers can finally battle the Therian Forme Forces of Nature. The Therian forms of the Forces of Nature trio of Pokémon are fairly straightforward, you have Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus. Now’s a great time to catch Thundurus with the Charge Up Electric Event. All the better if you can get him in his shiny variation. However, can you catch a shiny Therian Forme Thundurus in Pokémon GO?

As part of the Season of Legends, the Forces of Nature are still in the spotlight, and right now, Thundurus is the main attraction. As part of the Charge Up event, Therian Forme Thundurus is appearing in Legendary Raids all over the place. Therian Forme Thundurus will be appearing in these raids until March 30th, at which point he’ll be replaced with Therian Forme Tornadus, so you’ve got a good couple of weeks if you’re looking to track him down. Of course, any legendary becomes even more coveted if you can nab them as a shiny. Thundurus’ shiny variant isn’t especially different from his typical appearance, swapping out his typical light blue/dark blue palette for a soft violet/purple theme, but hey, practicality is hardly the order of the day when it comes to the pursuit of shiny Pokémon.

Can you Catch a Shiny Therian Forme Thundurus in Pokémon GO?

Unfortunately, shiny spawn rate increases are not a part of the Charge Up event, at least not as far as Thundurus is concerned. The Forces of the Nature’s Therian Formes haven’t had their shiny variants implemented into Pokémon GO as of writing. Niantic doesn’t usually add shiny forms for recently added Pokémon right off the bat, so while there will most likely be an opportunity to catch them at some point in the future, at the moment, it’s vanilla or nothing.