Rayquaza is the top dragon attacker Pokemon in Pokemon GO. You can sometimes catch this legendary Flying and Dragon-type Pokemon during five-star raids or through an exclusive event reward. When you do finally see one, you’ll probably want to know the best moveset for Rayquaza. After all, you want to make sure you build it to the best of your abilities.

Pokemon GO: Best Moveset for Rayquaza

Here’s a look at Rayquaza’s moveset:

Move Type Name Damage
Fast Flying Air Slash 14
Fast Dragon Dragon Tail 15
Charge Dragon Outrage 110
Charge Flying Aerial Ace 55
Charge Rock Ancient Power 70
Charge Flying Hurricane 110

Rayquaza’s best moveset for pure damage is Dragon Tail and Outrage, followed by Air Slash and Outrage. After that, Dragon Tail and Aerial Ace or Air Slash and Aerial Ace are the runners up. You will likely want to build Rayquaza as a Dragon-type, so Dragon Tail and Outrage is the absolute best moveset for damage.

Hurricane is Rayquaza’s legacy move, so if you catch one with the move, you might not want to TM it away. It is the best Flying-type charge move for this Pokemon, but that might not mean much in comparison.

Rayquaza’s Flying-type attacks are good, but using them can be a bit of a waste, considering Honchkrow, for instance, can have a higher overall DPS at a lower cost. However, if you have the resources, do what you like! Some players are anticipating the possibility of Dragon Ascent being introduced sometime soon, but we will have to wait and see.