Planet Zoo – How Feeding Works

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Feeding can be a bit confusing at first, the mechanics explained here might help.

Feeding, Food Enrichment and Water

As you can see at 8:13 the keeper you hired will walk in to look around first, walk out and then enter the keeper hut to prepare food Just like research hut, if one is being occupied then you can’t use it unless you build another or upgrade to a bigger one like in the video, make sure the power plant covers it as well.

The following from the Launch Notes:

  • Keepers will work out how much food they need to prepare for a habitat based on how many animals are in the habitat. They will then prioritise filling enrichment feeders before standard feeders. This can mean that if all of the prepared food is placed in enrichment feeders, the standard feeders won’t be filled!
  • There have been many improvements to keeper feeding behaviour. Keepers can become tired and won’t perform their duties if they are not rested, so make sure you let them have some time off at a Staff Centre now and again.

Also a keeper can only bring a certain amount of food for one specie at once.

In addition to water bowl and water pump, any lake inside of the habitat is counted as water source, make sure a water filter covers the range to improve the quality of water.

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