Plague Inc: Evolved – How to Unlock Genes

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Want to unlock creationist or other gene? Look here…

Start a Game on Casual

Start a game for any disease type on Casual (or other difficulties). I usually go for Virus because it’s quick.

Get your disease to kill the world until there are only a few people left. The pop-up, “[Disease] to eradicate humanity” is a good place to pause.

If you have trouble getting to this stage there are plenty of guides to help you.

Start Farming

In order to start farming genes do the following:

  1. Save the game just before humanity dies.
  2. Wait for your disease to kill all of humanity.
  3. Exit out of the replay video.
  4. Look at your gene – is it the one you want?
  5. If so, stop at this step. If not, continue to 6.
  6. Exit out to the menu and press “Load Game”.
  7. Load the game you prepared in Section 1.
  8. Repeat steps: 2-8.

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