Pixel Starships – Advanced Guide to Offense

This guide will elaborate on methods used when your’re being on the offensive instead of the defensive, if you are extremely horrid at offensive game-play then this is the guide for you.

Offense Guide

The General Idea of What Offense Is in Pixel Starships

Look offensive game play on a stand alone basis is quite easy to understand in the following format:

  1. You basically get rooms powered up at the start of the match.
  2. Direct or let the room do its own thing with aiming at the rooms.
  3. Destroy said rooms then rinse and repeat.

That is the basic idea of how you play offense in this game, but there are important things to note:

  1. All ships have hull HP which you must get to 0 in order to win.
  2. All ships have crew members that operate said ships and can repair rooms.
  3. When you become a higher level things like shields, teleporters, and so forth complicate things.

With these in mind let me go into depth about the things listed above so that you can understand.

Powering Up Your Weapons and Ship

In order to even operate anything you need energy sources like your basic reactor. These reactor rooms will be your primary resource for powering all your rooms that require the reactors said energy on your specific ship. Upgrading Energy rooms comes important when you want to add more rooms that are weapons, support, or defense that need energy to function.

Some notes about energy

  • In Offense targeting the reactor will devastate the enemy causing them to not have powered rooms thus making them sitting ducks waiting to get destroyed, in earlier levels you want to aim for the reactors as they power the entire ship, knocking out all reactors means the enemy ship can’t do jack squat until the enemies crew repairs the problem of course.
  • Energy rooms are a big deal when it comes to getting more systems, weapons, and defenses that require energy on board, its also good to have some extra energy on board in the event the enemy attempts to aim for reactor so that you don’t have to pay a huge amount of your effort on the energy rooms.
  • All rooms that require energy has some sort of amount of power you can add, for example your mining lasers use two energy from the reactors and bolts use only one energy. This is the part where you need to balance energy, all rooms only need to use one energy to at least function, the mining laser would be performing at half of its potential if set to I power but would be going to its full potential at maximum power, learning to balance power to certain rooms comes into play in later offensives.

Tips relating to Energy sources

  • Armor and upgrade your reactors, This will make them harder to destroy by the enemy team giving your other reactors and systems time to do some hard hitting while the enemy is stuck focus firing on a heavily armored room, assuming that there dumb of course. Upgrading reactors also allows extra health bars to be added onto the reactor along with more energy to use for your desired rooms.
  • Distribute power to rooms that actually can benefit you, if your hangar or missle silos hold no storage of weapons you have to produce then during the heat of battle you want to lower the energy on those rooms that do nothing and add energy to rooms that actually need the energy to benefit you, prioritize where you put your energy.

Aiming Your Weapons and the Importance of AI

After you power up your rooms you are going to need to set targets and tasks for these rooms to perform while they go into battle, there will be default settings linked to these rooms and you can change them by getting the command center. I will note the following for this section:

When you do PVP’s you have full will of where you want your weapons to aim, but when your in offline mode and your ship has to protect itself the AI has full control of where you want to aim. When you do PVP you can still let AI do its thing if you want but if you want to win I suggest you don’t do that. Make sure this is an okay AI system so that when you go offline you got defenses just as strong as your offense.

AI is a major part of pixel starships, they tell what your rooms and crew to do as well as what tasks for everyone on your ship to perform. As you go through the levels AI will become extremely important for making sure you win defenses and don’t have to micromanage everything in offensives.

Some tips

  • Make sure to experiment your AI methods, you may fail but its the only way you can see if your AI systems truly work the way they should.
  • There a few methods you can do when in offensive mode on your own which you can focus fire on a weak room, focus on the reactors, and so forth. Whatever works for you in offensive games you do you.

Destroying Rooms and Ships

The primary thing you want to do in battles is get the enemy ships Hull HP to 0, not as close to 0 as possible but TO 0 otherwise it will lead to a draw AKA “Timeout” and so forth.

Methods of attack

Focus firing

Focus firing is when you aim all your weapons on board to one single room, if some captain thought it was a brilliant idea to put there AA away from any crew being capable of repairing it and no armor around it, your ship could focus fire on that room and win the match easily, trust me I pulled this trick a few times but this method is frowned upon in the pixel starships community, then again you got ships blowing you up now and then with the same method, share this method.

Reactor and Shield Devastation

This method essentially involves you destroying all reactors and shield rooms and then focus fire on those already destroyed rooms. This method is great for disabling your target if they have a crappy repair crew and can give you some fresh air time to time in a battle.

The Default Method

Essentially use the balanced and default set AI method, works sometimes if you have higher leveled rooms and a good AI crew but should not be relied on all the time.

Weapon Devastation

Now this is the opposite of Method-II, instead of aiming at support rooms your aiming at the weapon rooms, the good thing about this method is the fact you can knock out there weapons and this would disable the enemy from having any weapons whats so ever, but that does not stop them from having engines and shields sometimes leading to draws.

These are some of the basic methods you can use in order to win battles and even sometimes play an uno reverse card on the enemy in some defenses if you have the AI of course.


  • If a room is destroyed and you keep firing at it, that will cause hull damage because the room is already destroyed, very basic thing to know.
  • Take advantage of ships upgrading there important major rooms like there reactors and shields, if shields are upgrading they are disabled until finished upgrading for example, in which case you can kill them but it also tells you something about what you need to do for defense.

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