Payback Guide – Outriders

In Outriders there are a number of side missions for players to complete. One of these side missions is called Payback. This side mission can be found and completed in the Bunker Hill area of Rift Town. Like other side missions in the game, completing this mission will reward you with XP and loot. For help completing this mission use our Payback guide below.

Where to Start the Payback Side Mission

Image showing where to start the Payback side mission in Outriders.

To start this mission make your way through the Rift Town map until you reach the Crossroads flag. From this flag head up the hill into the destroyed building to the southeast. Here you will find an NPC named Audrey Storm. Approach this NPC and speak to trigger a dialogue sequence. During this dialogue sequence agree to take on the quest to start Payback.

Assault the Bunker

After you speak to Audrey Storm head to the left to the glowing door to enter the Payback area. Interact with the door to trigger a loading screen that will take you to the side mission area called Bunker Hill.

Image showing the Payback key in Outriders.

In the mission area head into the large open area and fight the enemies that appear there. Clear the enemies and the last one will drop a key. Approach the key and collect it. With the key in hand head forward and make your way up the stairs to reach the locked door. Open the door to head to the next area that features a fight with Reiner.

Defeat Reiner and his Troops

Image showing the Reiner boss in Outriders.

Note: On a pile of crates in the Reiner boss room there is a journal entry you can grab.

In this room you will trigger a fight with Reiner. Reiner is a higher level enemy that has a number of adds with him during the fight. When you fight Reiner you will want to play into your hero’s strengths. One thing to do regardless is whittle away at the adds before they make your life difficult. Once enough of the adds are cleared focus on Reiner and take him out. Once he is defeated interact with him to take his head.

Take the head and head back to the Crossroads flag. Head back to Audrey Storm and deliver the head of Reiner to end the mission. For completing this side mission you will earn XP and a gear piece. If you feel like it you can replay the mission by speaking to Audrey outside the Bunker Hill door.

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