Paradise Killer – Character Guide

Here’s the who’s who of Paradise Killer. General description of the characters, where you meet them, and in-game descriptions.

The Council

Leader Monserrat – Murdered

“The Syndicate’s glorious Leader. He formed the Syndicate with his mentor, Ezequial. Monserrat became the Leader of the Syndicate when he killed the mad Leader Ezequial and saved the Syndicate from Darkness. A victim of last night’s Council massacre.”

Gabriella Devotion – Murdered

“Hailing from North Africa, High Priestess Gabriella Devotion is seen as a mediator between the Syndicate and the Gods. Only certified priests are allowed to communicate with the Gods since communing with astral deities opens passages in space which demons can pass through. Murdered last night along with the rest of the Council.”

Pandora Two – Murdered

“Pandora Two established the Dead Nebula company early in the Syndicate and became the only goods manufacturer on the Islands. In conjunction with Masahiro Heavy Industries, she established the Deep Factory in the sprawling caverns under the islands. A victim of last night’s Council massacre.”

Kafka Memory – Murdered

“Kafka Memory was a founding member of the Syndicate and conceived the plan to mass abduct Citizens from the real world and bring them to the island; forcing them to worship the Gods. A cold hearted man that grew increasingly introverted over the millenia. A victim of last night’s Council massacre.”

Lunatic Pope – Murdered

“Second in command to Gabriella and handles most of the day to day running of the religious aspects of the Syndicate. Born on the fifth island and advanced into the Council through selfless devotion and a brain for interpreting bureaucratic aspects of the God’s dogma. A victim of last night’s Council massacre.”

Fine Stranger – Murdered

“A mystery to almost all in the Syndicate and Council. It is unknown where he came from. Responsible for reading tomes during Council meetings. Murdered last night along with the rest of the Council.”

Leon Disaster – Murdered

“Early in the Syndicate, the need for a currency arose. Disaster found in a way to harden blood into crystals. It was decided that only his blood would be used so as not to flood the market. A victim of last night’s Council massacre.”

Maken Origin – Murdered

“Maken took over Masahiro Heavy Industries when Masahiro himself was murdered by the mad Leader Ezequial. Since then, Maken has used her flare for industrial design to grow MHI and adapt to the changing needs of the Syndicate. She is responsible for the maintenance of the Syndicate’s power source, the Reality Folding Drive. A victim of last night’s Council massacre.”

Eyes Kiwami – Suicide

“Born in a remote area of India and came to the Syndicate during the Great Betrayal. After saving Doom Jazz from torture, the two chased after the newly formed Syndicate as they made their way through Mesopotamia. Eyes Kiwami took his own life several years ago. It is unknown why.”

Carmelina Silence

“Born to Romeo and Natasha Silence on the 4th Island Sequence under the sign of Blood Dancer. Architect of the Island Sequences.”

Located in Syndicate HQ.

Crimson Acid

“Born in the Hospital of Our Martyred Goat, England, in AD 1002 under the sign of Endless Moon. The Syndicate’s idol turned secret broker.”

Located in the Sewers.

Doctor Doom Jazz

“Born in the Cannon Fortress, Scotland, in AD 988 under the sign of Cosmic Deceit. The Syndicate’s doctor.”

Located by his yacht, elevator from Syndicate HQ will get you there.

Grand Marshal Akiko 14

“Born in Mihai Day, Romania in AD 991 under the sign of New Night. The Grand Marshal of the Syndicate’s God Justice Marshals.”

Located at the Desolation Cell.

Henry Division

“A Citizen born to Rina Division twenty seven years ago. Father unknown. Possessed by a demon ten years ago. Currently incarcerated in the Desolation Cell, accessible from the south beach.”

Imprisoned at the Desolation Cell.


“Every society needs a form of justice and a Syndicate member volunteered. They believed so deeply in impartial justice that they scrubbed their ego and fused themselves to the island, becoming Judge. They would become the embodiment of justice, acting on behalf of the island.”

Located in the Syndicate Court House.

Lady Love Dies

“Born at The Longest Tower, Britain in AD 1000 under the sign of Kiss Me To The Moon. The Syndicate’s lead investigator. After the Damned Harmony Incident on Island 13, the Paradise Psycho Unit was shut down, and Love Dies was exiled to the Idle Lands as punishment.”

Lydia Day Break

“Born in Mwana Falls, Kenya in AD 1001 under the sign of Beautiful Spectre. The Syndicate’s Ferry Woman, responsible for transporting the Syndicate to new Island Sequences.”

Located by her taxi at the end of the pier in Danchi.

One Last Kiss

“Responsible for conducting and overseeing the exorcising of demons that possess island inhabitants. Murdered by Henry Division ten years ago.”

Located outside the Syndicate Graveyard.

Sam Day Break

“Born in the shadow of the dragon in Turkey in AD 999 under the sign of Shadow Zero. Bar master at Bar Knife Through the Heart.”

Located outside his bar, Bar Knife Through the Heart.

The Witness to the End

“Born in the Chaos Palace in northern Iran in AD 981 under the sign of Destroyed Eden. Overseer of the end of the islands.”

Located at Syndicate Apartments.

Yuri Night

“Born in the Marble Chambers on Island Sequence 15 under the sign of Dire Rose. Secretary to Architect Carmelina and the Ferry Woman’s handler.”

Located in the Gardens.

Other Population

Isiah Bullet

“Procures, conditions and distributes Citizens on the Island. Previously married to Lady Love Dies. Moved to Island 25 before the murder.”

Nicolina Rose

“Works directly under Pandora Two to manage the Dead Nebula operations. Responsible for negotiating the Crimson Acid collaborations. Moved to Island 25 before the murder.”

Jaheem Fortune

“Maintains the Syndicate graveyard on top of the mountain. Responsible for all funeral rites conducted for Syndicate members. Moved to Island 25 before the murder.”

Madam Complex

“Responsible for maintaining the gardens around the island. Also performs the duty of the Opening of a Door at the end of the year. Moved to Island 25 before the murder.”

Balthazar Tears

“The lead engineer for Masahiro Heavy Industries, working under Maken Origin. Responsible for the God Bruiser nuclear weapons. Moved to Island 25 before the murder.”

K. HX – Missing

“A craftsman that produces items of exquisite workmanship. Often tasked with crafting ceremonial items. Responsible for creating one of the Holy Seals. Missing – hasn’t been seen or heard from in a number of days.”


Citizens – 3106 Worshippers and Workers

“Victims of mass abductions. Brought to the islands and forced to worship the gods. The psychic energy created by their worship is channelled by the Syndicate priests and fed to the gods. Citizens are the lowest class of island inhabitants, spending their lives in worship and working in the Deep Factory and farm.”

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