Bethesda E3 2017 Conference

This E3 has been pretty strange. First off we had EA Play which had a few games, but felt long. This conference was followed by Microsoft, who had a bunch … Read more

Microsoft E3 2017 Conference

If there was one overarching theme of Microsoft’s E3 presentation this year, it was quantity. Microsoft showed off 42 games through the course of their 90+ minute presentation, which literally … Read more

NA LCS Summer week 2 day 2

Day 2 of week 2 NA LCS action is over and done with. There were four series on the docket today: Team Dignitas vs TSM; Echo Fox vs Counter Logic … Read more

EA’s Play Conference 2017

E3 is upon us and as I am not a large media outlet, I was at home watching streams like all the plebeians. First stream of the day was Electronic … Read more

Sword Art Online II Review

After watching and reviewing Blame! a few weeks ago, I’ve been itching to dive back into more anime. Unfortunately I hadn’t found anything I’ve wanted to commit to (I still … Read more

NA LCS Summer week 2 day 1

Week 1 of the NA LCS was a pretty exciting start to the season. There were plenty of highlights and good games all around. As it’s Friday, that marks the … Read more

Magikarp Jump Events Guide

Magikarp Jump features a total of 34 events for players to unlock. These events are mini cutscenes which sometimes involve making a choice. Depending on which choice you make, the … Read more

Twitch Tuesday: Reckful

Update (02/07/20): Reckful passed away today. RIP. It’s been awhile since I threw together another Twitch recommendation for you all, so here’s one, Reckful. Reckful is a streamer who has … Read more