Hokko Life – How to Delete Your Save

Save Files Location and Deleting Close the game. Disable cloud sync for Hokko Life in the game properties in Steam. Go to %AppData%/Wonderscope/Hokko Life/SaveData and delete the folder 01. Once … Read more

Hokko Life – Creator Codes

How to Use Creator Codes? When you unlock the computer at Moss shop, that happens after you own a house. Creator Codes! LXE7-GYEX This code has a nice stove. L9SK-5J3S … Read more

Hokko Life – Fishing Guide

At the beginning its hard to understand, but its easier than you think! How to Get a Fishing Rod First go to the beach there you will find Derry! Derry … Read more

The Last Spell – How to Rotate Buildings

Rotate Buildings Is it possible to rotate buildings before building? You cannot rotate buildings before building them. They automatically place themselves in the right angle depending on where your cursor … Read more

Muck – Amazing Seed

Two steel picks! A great head start to your single player or CO-OP experience! The Seed! shitsaladsandwich This seed generates a shed across the lake from your spawn that has … Read more

Muck – How to Mod

A complete guide to modifying your copy of Muck. (It’s good to have some experience with C# and the Unity Libraries before following this guide). Guide Contents How to Mod … Read more

Skjoldur Story – Achievement Guide + Tips

This guide will help you to obtain all achievements in the game. Guide Contents Achievements Story-Related Achievements Optional Achievements Counter Achievements Tips Achievements Story-Related Achievements Skjoldur Obtain a shield. Only … Read more

Valheim – Beginner Tips

Quick tips that should genuinely help, without the excessive amount of reading. Tips for Newbies Quick Tips For each tier, prioritize pickaxe -> weapon of choice -> armor when deciding … Read more