OVERHIT – Costume Guide


  • Beginner’s Guide (Tips and Tricks).
  • How to Raise Hero Level Caps.
  • Grimoire Equipment Guide.
  • Untamed Sanctum Guide.
  • How to Upgrade Heroes.
  • Hero Fortification Guide.
  • Team Assembly Guide.
  • Exploration Guide.
  • Campaign Guide.
  • Affinity Guide.
  • Arena Guide.
  • Raids Guide.
  • Skills Guide.


Tap the ‘Outfit’ button on the Hero Details screen to see more information regarding that hero’s outfits.

The Outfit screen is where you can browse your hero’s outfits and try them on.

Heroes can only wear the outfits you possess.

Special outfits are only available from purchased outfit packs, while standard outfits can be earned as Hero Event Dungeon rewards or purchased in the Arena Shop.

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