Outriders is a looter-shooter action RPG, so there are many weapons to find and choose from to gear out your character. The quality of weapons and armor you come across is entirely random, so finding the good stuff is up to chance. The highest quality loot is Legendary, and it has less than a 1% drop chance, which is why it’s so powerful. Legendary weapons are what you’ll want if you’re going for optimum damage. Here’s a complete list of Outriders legendary weapons, along with their weapon type, variant, and mods.

Weapon types in Outriders include Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Bolt Action Rifles, Double Guns, Light Machineguns, Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, and Submachine Guns. 

Outriders Legendary Weapons List

Here’s a list of known legendary weapons in Outriders:

Legendary Weapon Type Variant Mods
Absolute Zero Assault Rifle Standard Ultimate Freezing Bullets
Improved Vulnerability Bullets
Aerie master Pump Action Shotgun Breach Weightlessness
Critical Point
Amber Vault Double Gun Standard Killing Spree
Blightbearer Rifle Standard
Body Snatcher Pump Action Shotgun Breach Body Snatcher
Soul Devourer
Bolt & Thunder Pistol Standard Strings of Gauss
Damage Link
Damascus Offering Light Machinegun Standard
Deathshield Automatic Shotgun Narrow
Disintegrator Revolver Standard
Enoch’s Blessing Pump Action Shotgun Standard
Fatal Symbiont Submachine Gun Standard
Funeral Pyre Automatic Shotgun Slug
Golem’s Limb Pump Action Shotgun Standard
Grim Marrow Light Machinegun Stabilizing
Imploder Double Gun Standard Deadly Disurbance
Rules of Leeches
Lucky Revolver Standard
Master Tool Assault Rifle Sharpshooter
Mindmugger Automatic Sniper Rifle Standard
Molten Eidola Rifle One-Shot Var Ravenous Locust
Paxian Blessing Pump Action Shotgun Standard Life Stock
Rarog’s Gaze Rifle Standard Weakness Trap
Burning Bullets
Roaring Umbra Lightmachine Gun Standard
Shelrog’s Excrescence Double Gun Burst Fire Ultimate Burning Bullets
Hot Blood
Spirit Hunter Bolt Action Rifle Lightweight Ultimate Bone Shrapnel
Bleeding Bullets
The Anemoi Automatic Shotgun Narrow Moaning Winds
Anomaly Surge
The Daimyo Submachine Gun Tactical Ultimate Storm Whip
Improved Stiffening
The High Roller Pump Action Shotgun Breach Embalmer’s Rage
Clip Roller
The Iceberg Bolt Action Rifle Standard Winter Blast
The Juggler Assault Rifle Standard Scrap Grenade
The Landlubber Bolt Action Rifle Lightweight LegendaryMinefield
The Migraine Submachine Gun Standard Ultimate Bleeding Bullets
Bomb’s Ahead
The Reaper Lightmachine Gun Narrow
Thunderbird Assault Rifle Standard Ultimate Storm Whip
Time Ripper Assault Rifle Standard
Torment & Agony Pistol Full Auto Judgement Enforcer
Clip Combustion
Twisted Mercy Rifle Standard
Voodoo Matchmaker Assault Rifle Standard Ultimate Damage Link
Vulnerability Bullets