Outriders Boss List

In Outriders there are a variety of enemies for players to fight. These enemies range from standard mobs to more advanced enemies like champions and bosses. Bosses are the highest tier of enemy to face with them having a red health bar that appears while fighting them. These enemies often appear at the end of main story missions. To keep track of all of the bosses we’ve put together the Outriders boss list you can find below. Consult it to learn where to find each of the bosses in the game.

Note: The information located below is from the game’s demo. Things may change at release.

Gauss (Solar Tower Platform)

Image showing the Gauss boss in Outriders.

The first main boss you fight in Outriders is Gauss. Gauss is located in the Solar Tower Platform area of Rift Town. You go to this location during the story mission called Reunion. Defeating Gauss gives you access to a loot chest located in the building next to the boss arena. The loot chest above and three others in the mission are farmable for items. Farming Gauss is done by running the Reunion story mission objective Confront the Altered at the Tower via the Select a Story Point on the lobby screen.

That’s all of the bosses so far in Outriders. When the game is released we will update this list with all of the full game’s bosses. For more help with Outriders see our guide to the game’s legendary weapons, how to farm, what accolades are, and more.

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