Outlaws of the Old West – Simple Starting Guide

A super easy guide on how to start out in the game! This is like one of those SIMPLY SIMPLE guides, so it’s very easy, to follow, the guide. Just like, step, by, step, easy.

Starting Guide

Well here you go, in the box, in the field, like a lost fed-ex package.

First thing first, look around, there will be stone and wood on the ground. You pick it up by aiming at it, and pressing E (Use) button.

By pressing Tab, you will open your inventory, there on the right sigh on top of all the items, you will see an Crafting tab, click on it, there you will find a basic pickaxe, and a wood axe you can craft from all the stone and wood you gathered.

When crafting is finished, hit tab again, and drag axe and pickaxe into the hot bar, Just, Click, Hold, and drag it to the hot bar.

Now hit tab again, and look for trees and stone formation (looks like a very big rock). You will get stone from all the rock formations in the game, except the black one which is coal.

While you run around collecting more wood and stone, make sure to look out for plants and bushes from which you collect plant fiber. When you do manage to find some they will be highlighted when you aim at them, and you can just hit E (Use) to pick them up. You will then hit Tab to go to inventory, and open crafting, there craft Rope, which you will then craft into Lasso, with which you will be able to hunt horses.

It shouldn’t take you more than couple of minutes to get to this step. When you have your lasso ready, open inventory, click on it, hold, and drag it into your hotbar. Close the inventory, and look for horses around. Usually there are more when you start heading north. (might be different on different servers, etc) Horses are not super fundamental, but they will help you move around the map faster.

When you gathered enough stone and wood, plant fiber, craft yourself a bow, as well as, some arrows, drag your bow into the hotbar, your arrows just stay in your inventory.

To drink, just walk into any water source, like a puddle, river, lake, etc, aim at the water and hit E (Use).

For food, you can collect berries, apples from trees and bushes, etc. You can hunt animals with your bow and arrows. Do not try to hunt bears. lol. or bisons. Unless you have a horse, then you can run from bear and shoot back while it chases you. But berries are the simple solution for the begging.

When you have found a horse and have decent number of stone and wood, you can craft a building wood tool that looks like this.

Then click, hold, and drag it into your hotbar. Equip it by hitting a number you placed it on, and when you have it in your hands, right click your mouse and hold. There will be options, move your mouse according to what you want to build by clicking left mouse button, and then build it where it allows you to build by being highlighted with green.

Well now, you are set, you have a horse, house, bow and arrows, axe and pickaxe. Have fun!

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