Outer Worlds Gold Teeth in Botanical Location – Small Grave Matter

Eugene’s gold teeth are an item in Outer Worlds. They’re a set of golden teeth, apart from their owner, and you can get them during the A Small Grave Matter quest. In order to help Conrad the barber, you’ll have to bring them to him so he can use them as collateral. The problem is, the game doesn’t mark the location of the teeth on the map, so you’ll probably have no idea where to look. This guide is going to show you Outer Worlds Eugene’s golden teeth in Botanical Lab location.

outer worlds eugene's gold teeth in botanical location small grave matter
Outer Worlds Gold Teeth in Botanical Location – Small Grave Matter

Where to find Eugene’s golden teeth in Botanical Lab?

Go to the Botanical Lab settlement, and head into the greenhouse where Adelaide resides. Go into the back room and turn left. Among the equipment, you should see a small plate with a bunch of gold teeth on it.

If you bring the teeth to Conrad, he’ll be able to sell them and pay the grave digger Silas for his services. But the whole story is weird. You find out from a data pad that Eugene, the receptionist who shot himself, had golden teeth, and that his employers/coworkers/acquaintances want to use his teeth to earn a quick buck. Then it turns out his body has been stolen from the graveyard while the grave keeper dozed off. Finally, you find out that his body has been used to create fertilizer which turned a once barren landscape into a lush oasis fit for human life.

These people are a strange bunch, there’s no doubt about it. This isn’t the only weird situation you can get yourself into. You can decide between giving medicine to a hypochondriac or a benevolent corporate stooge, powering a cannery that creates work for the whole town or a botanical lab that produces food for deserters. The game is filled with such dilemmas.

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