Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Farming Spirit Light Comfortably

An almost stress-free and risk-free way to farm a few hundreds of Spirit Light per minute. The main idea is to equip Turmoil + shards for Spirit Light boosting and keep pushing the Gorlek miner in the bottom of Baur’s Reach to the abyss using Spirit Smash. There’s a way to get a good enemy positioning almost consistently and get frequent saves. There’s also a strategy to fight the Gorlek miner if you messed up the push to the abyss.

A Farming Location

It’s in the bottom center of the Baur’s Reach, where there are two corrupted Gorlek miners and a cauldron.

The strategy involves only the right miner, since there’s an abyss to the right and pushing him there is way more comfortable than fighting.

Spirit Shards

Essential Shards include:

  • Turmoil – for a fast enemy re-spawn
  • Light Harvest – for extra Spirit Light
  • Magnet – to pull the Spirit Light from the abyss
  • Bounty – for extra Spirit Light

Other shards are optional and replaceable. I recommend to use damage-boosting and Catalyst, in case you have/want to have a regular fight and for healing.

  • Lifeforce – extra damage
  • Finesse – extra damage
  • Reckless – extra damage
  • Catalyst – virtually unlimited energy for healing

Defeating the Gorlek Miner

To remind, this strategy only involves dealing with the right of the miners.

Stand on the high ground to the left of the miner. Upon re-spawning, he’d go to the right most of the time. When he reached the hanging icicles to the right of the screen, dash towards him twice and land the Spirit Smash blow. If timed correctly, it’d push him straight to the abyss and give you easy money. With all mentioned shards, you’d get 44 Spirit Light per kill.

If he goes to the left or you messed up the timing, stand on the high ground to the left until he turns around and reaches the right side of the screen again. If you don’t wanna wait, fighting is a choice too, although a bit stressful one. In such case, I use the tactic of dashing towards him, landing one smash and dashing back. After he attacks, I repeat the cycle. Since fighting him is rather stressful, I only resort to that after messing up the push to the abyss.

When moving onto the high ground, position yourself to the middle or the left of it, especially if you are escaping from the fight. On the right you’d still be vulnerable to his attacks. Also, I haven’t confirmed but got an impression that he’s more likely to “see” you in such case and turn left more frequently.

An extremely pleasant fact is that going to the high ground auto-saves you! No more thousands of lost Spirit Light if you messed up heavily or were fighting too greedily.

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