A new week in Fortnite brings players some brand new challenges for the end of Chapter 2 Season 2. The new Storm the Agency challenges contain one specific mission to Open a Faction Locked Chest at Different Safe Houses. We will show you exactly where you need to go in this guide.

Open a Faction Locked Chest in Fortnite

Faction Locked Chests are special chests in the Spy Bases that have requirements for opening them. You must be in a disguise or carrying a henchman to scan them in order to open the chests. There are several different chests all around the map, and we’ll show you three easy to reach ones in different locations.

The Yacht Faction Locked Chests

First, head on over to The Yacht location which is on the northeast of the Fortnite map. Hop into the phone booth on the island to disguise yourself first, and then make your way onto the boat. Towards the front ride side of the boat, if you take pickaxe the wall you will see the first chest.

Walk up to the chest and interact with it to scan yourself while in disguise and open it up.

The Rig Faction Locked Chests

Next, make your way to The Rig and hop inside the phone booth located on the west side of the location. Head to the very northwest area of The Rig and make your way up to the second floor. You will find the faction locked chest in the corner of the room on the second floor.

The Rig Faction Locked Chests

The Agency Faction Locked Chests

Finally, head over to The Agency in the center of the map. Go to the phone booth to disguise yourself first, which is located outside and down the stairs to the south of the building. Find the room on the first floor of the agency towards the west of the building. You can find a faction locked chest in there.

For the next challenge, you will need to Eliminate a Henchman at different Safe House locations.