One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 – How to Unlock the Transformations for Big Mom and Kaido

Ever wonder how to unlock the Dragon form for Kaido, or the Super Cloud form or whatever it’s called for Big Mom? So did I, and that’s because honestly the coins you need to unlock them make almost no sense, but here we are, and here’s the ones you need.

Guide to Unlock the Transformations

Big Mom

This one is pretty simple. Get to the New World section of the Treasure Log and beat the mission, “Seeking the Ultimate Cotton Candy”, this will grant you the Chopper’s Mark gold coin.

This is the coin required to unlock Big Mom’s transformation, She Who Rules the Weather.


Somewhat more complicated than his rival, Kaido’s transformation can be unlocked by first heading into the East Blue section of the Treasure Log and completing the mission, “The First Step to Destruction”, netting you the Donquixote Pirates’ Mark coin, which while not required for the unlock itself, unlocks the next mission that is required.

After this, complete the mission “Collaborators of Destruction”, to obtain the Donquixote Pirates gold coin, which is the last coin required to obtain the transformation.


I hope this guide helped anyone who is struggling, I know the coins make very little sense when compared to the rest required for most unlocks, but here we are. Now if only there was an easy way to do missions with Jack and Drake as allies to max their crew levels…

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