Omega Labyrinth Life – Nectar Farming Guide

Short and simple nectar farming guide.

How to Farm Nectar


Omega Labyrinth Life have four main options for earning nectar:

  1. Winning TFT minigame in the academy.
  2. Side quests (not fetch-quests).
  3. Bug-catching minigame.
  4. Earnings for the garden tending.
  5. The most stable is the fourth option.

Nectar Farming

This method works well after completing the game, but may be relevant at earlier stages.

We need:

  1. Garden with seven areas for planting flowers, 400 each. Additional sites gained through main quest. Total – 2800 colors.
  2. 2800 seeds. It is possible from different dkjwtrs, but in an amount multiple of 50.
  3. Flower dial. Needed to speedup time. Gained through main quest.
  4. 3600 nectar. Not necessary.

We plant 2800 flowers, water them with any watertype and start to skip the time with Flower Dial for 12 hours.

As a result, we get 4400 nectar for the number of flowers + 2200 nectar bonus (decreases with time after weeds appear in the garden) -3600 nectar per 12 hours pass. 4400-3600+(0..2200)=800..3000 nectar per cycle.

I can do 50-60 repetitions in 20 minutes, which gives in the worst case 800 * 50 = 40,000 nectar.


I can’t say for sure how much nectar is needed to pump one skill to level 30, because I took care of the calculations too late, but I guess 57-60 thousand when using the mini-game skip. As a result, we need 7 * 4 * 60 = 1 680 000 nectar.

Given that we get a certain amount of nectar according to the plot, and passing a mini-game without a pass provides the best result, we will have to spend up to 8 hours on the farm.

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