Omega Labyrinth Life – Guide to Synthesis


One ☆ Rarity

The order for these are: Base <-> Component -> Result

Two ☆ through Four ☆

Here’s where it gets a bit autistic, but I think it makes sense once you wrap your head around it.

The Two ☆ Rarity weapons get combined to make a Three ☆ Rarity weapon. The base/component matter, as it changes the resulting item, even though you use the same materials. I/E: Vajra as base, Trident as component, will yield Gungnir; while Trident as base, Vajra as component will yield Gae Bulg.

Endgame Swords

As with One ☆ Rarity, the order for these should not matter.


One ☆ Rarity

Order Doesn’t matter/will yield same result.

Two ☆ through Four ☆

Endgame Shields

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