No Man's Sky – Easy Completion Planetary Zoology

Are you tired of trying to find that one last fauna? Can’t seem to find any information on the internet on how to complete this annoying milestone? Well look no further and struggle no longer! This is a guide on the easiest way to complete the Planetary Zoology milestone.

How to Complete the Planetary Zoology Milestone

Planet Type

The key is to find a planet with only one fauna, and the only planets that have just one fauna are glitch planets. I’ve found these specific planets appear often in lifeless solar systems. They go by names like:

  • Mechanical.
  • Rattling.
  • Webbed.
  • Harsh Blue Globe.
  • Pillared.
  • Breached.
  • Scaly.
  • Metallic.
  • Frothing.
  • Hexagonal.

If the planet sounds unusual and the surface of the planet is littered with the same type of flora it’s very likely a glitch planet.


Go to your galaxy map and press down until you get the life form filter. Lifeless solar systems are indicated by a white star. Left click on the white stars until you find a solar system with at least four or more planets (to increase the odds of a glitch planet appearing) and warp to it.

Scan every planet until you find one with an odd name (see the list above).

You’ll know for sure you landed on a glitch planet when the planet is covered in the same themed flora and the Discoveries log says there is only one fauna to be found on that planet. The fauna will spawn close to where you land, just walk a little and look through the analysis visor for the little red dot.

After scanning the fauna make sure to upload it in order to receive credit towards the milestone. Repeat until the milestone is complete.

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