Nioh 2: How to Pray at Defiled Shrines

Shrines play an important role in Nioh 2 as they create checkpoints and allow you to level up your character with experience earned. While many of the Shrines allow you to pray to them when you encounter them, some shrines are defiled. These defiled shrines do not allow you to pray at them until you cleanse the nearby area. Continue reading below how to pray at defiled shrines.

Why Can’t I Pray at Defiled Shrines?

image showing a defiled shrine in Nioh 2.

Defiled shrines are encountered fairly regularly in Nioh 2. These shrines appear normal but will offer up this message when you attempt to pray at it.

It seems to have been defiled and cannot be used.

Until you cleanse the area a defiled shrine is useless to you. To cleanse the shrine you need to defeat all of the enemies inside the defiled area. You will know when you are in a defiled area as the color will distort and there is a visual barrier between it and the other areas.

When you do kill all the enemies within the defiled area the shrine will become active and the color of the area will change. You will also find that chests and other interact-ables also become usable when you’ve cleansed an area. When the shrine is active you are able to pray to it like any other normal shrine.

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