Nioh 2 Gameplay Trailer Released, Features Developer Walkthrough

The new gameplay trailer for Nioh 2 has been released, and does a great job of showing off the game. The video features several different locations, and many different aspects of gameplay; from combat to brand new gameplay features, including things like Benevolent Graves and more.

Nioh 2 Gameplay Trailer Released Features Developer Walkthrough
Nioh 2 Gameplay Trailer Released, Features Developer Walkthrough

The first, and most noticeable difference right off the bat is that we won’t be playing as William Adams, the protagonist of the first Nioh. That makes sense, since Nioh 2 takes place a hundred or so years earlier. Instead, we’ll be able to create our own character. I, for one, generally prefer it when Souls-like games that have character creation, so I’m on board for this. And speaking of Souls-like, another major change are the blue graves with swords in them, called Benevolent Graves, which allow you to summon other players for help.

These are, of course, far from the only changes to the formula. For example, you’ll travel back and forth from the Dark Realm, which is where the yokai live. Naturally, yokai enemies will be more powerful there. However, so will you, because apparently, your character has some demon in them, too, as evidenced by the glowing horns they sport while in that realm. My favorite new addition, however, is the Scampuss. It’s a rolly-polly kitten-like thing that follows you around when you pet it, all the while restoring your Anima, which grants yokai powers. It’s beyond adorable.

Nioh 2 is coming out on March 13th, 2020. So far, it seems that the only platform it’s launching on will be the PlayStation 4. However, the original Nioh did see a PC release several months after the one on PS4, so we may yet see something similar happen to Nioh 2. At the time of writing, though, that’s just me speculating.

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