Nioh 2 Benevolent Graves – How to Interact with Blue Graves – Ochoko Cups

Benevolent Graves in Nioh 2, or blue graves, are places you can interact with using Ochoko Cups to summon help from a player character. The Nioh 2 Benevolent blue graves are a pretty important mechanic, especially considering that calling for help might be vital in situations you’re struggling with. So, in our Nioh 2 Benevolent Graves – How to Interact with Blue Graves – Ochoko Cups guide, we’re going to break the whole thing down for you. We’ll explain how to use Benevolent Graves to summon people, how to get Ochoko Cups, how to place a blue grave of your own, etc.

Nioh 2 Benevolent Graves How to Interact with Blue Graves Ochoko Cups
Nioh 2 Benevolent Graves – How to Interact with Blue Graves – Ochoko Cups

What are Benevolent Graves in Nioh 2?

Benevolent Graves in Nioh 2 are a mechanic similar to summoning other players to help in Dark Souls and Bloodborne. However, it works differently here. While it is players that get to place the Benevolent Graves (more on that later), when you summon help, it won’t be the actual player coming to your aid. Instead, it will be their character controlled by the AI.

Once summoned, the AI character will fight until they die or the timer runs out. They work great for drawing agro, giving you time to breathe and attack from behind or from a distance. Best of all, that other player will get a reward for giving you access to their character.

How to Interact with Nioh 2 Blue Graves – How to Summon?

To interact with the blue graves in Nioh 2 and summon help, the first step is to approach them. When you do, a pop-up will show you everything you need to know about the character you’re about to summon. You’ll see their name, their level, as well as how many Ochoko Cups you’ll need to call them. The wheel on the left shows you all the gear they have, and the icons below are the Soul Cores they have equipped.

To summon help, press and hold Circle. The character will appear after a bit. From then on, you can pretty much let them take care of everything. Well, not really everything, you should still be cautious, because Nioh, like all similar games, has very surprising and creative ways of messing you up if you’re not careful.

how to summon benevolent blue grave nioh 2 how to interact
Approach a Benevolent Grave to see character details and summon help

Nioh 2 – How to Get Ochoko Cups?

To get Ochoko Cups in Nioh 2, the best thing to do is farm the Bloody Graves, aka the red graves. When you interact with them, it will summon another player character as a Revenant, much like the blue graves do. The major difference is that Revenants attack you. When you kill them, they drop one or more Ochoko Cups. There are other methods of getting Ochoko Cups, too. For example, you can find one as an item hidden on the map (for more info, check out our Hidden Items on the Map Locations guide). However, the Bloody Graves are probably your best bet overall.

How to Place a Benevolent Blue Grave?

To place a Benevolent Grave of your own in Nioh 2, you’ll first need to have the Righteous Jasper item. You get these from completing certain missions, and you can also craft them. Once you have a Righteous Jasper, you can use it to place a Benevolent Grave where you’re standing. You’ll get special rewards proportionate to the number of times other people have used that particular grave. Of course, you can’t use one of your Benevolent Graves yourself. On the brighter side, when another player calls on your character, it won’t be you that has to play with them; the AI will take care of everything (and potentially embarrass you, perhaps).

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