We have a complete guide on the Elsewhere Forest area in New Pokemon Snap, but a few of the LenTalk requests require a bit more explanation. One of these is the Winter Wonders request, which asks you to get a picture of Gardevoir having a good time with some other Pokemon. It’s a tough one that requires a few different steps, so we wanted to do a thorough walkthrough for you. Here’s how to complete the Winter Wonders request and get a 4-star Gardevoir photo in New Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap Ruins of Remembrance - Request: Winter Wonders

New Pokemon Snap: Winter Wonders Request Guide

Here’s how to complete the Winter Wonders request in New Pokemon Snap:

  1. Load into Elsewhere Forest Research Level 3.
  2. Take the first branching path to the right.
  3. Hit Espeon with an Illumina Orb to force the winter area.
  4. Throw Illumina Orbs at Gardevoir in all three spots.
  5. Activate the Crystabloom next to Gardevoir. 
  6. Snap a picture of Gardevoir having a good time.

To guarantee you go into the winter season next, you’ll want to take the first branching path near the beginning of the level. When you first load into Elsewhere Forest and get past the two Shiftry, play a melody to annoy the Trevenant. The Pokemon will scuffle away and reveal a path, at which point you’ll want to do a scan and take the route. Espeon will follow behind you and jump ahead before settling down. Throw an Illumina Orb at Espeon, and voila, you’ll be going to the winter area next, which is where we’ll be completing this quest.

As you enter the area, you’ll notice a couple of Deerlin on your right side running toward a Gardevoir. Continue throwing Illumina Orbs at the Gardevoir until it teleports to the tree branch near the Unfezant. Again, throw an Illumina Orb at the Gardevoir when it shows up on the tree, and it will again teleport somewhere else. It will show up on your right side once more, and you’ll need to toss one final Illumina Orb at it.

New Pokemon Snap: Winter Wonders Request Step 3

Finally, the Gardevoir will show up on your left side near the Crystabloom. Activate the Crystabloom with an orb and start snapping some photos. The shot you’re looking for is a dancing 4-star Gardevoir photo. Keep snapping the pictures, and then exit out of the research to hand in your photos to Professor Mirror. You may want to try enabling burst mode so you don’t miss the opportunity. If you prefer to watch a video walkthrough, we have one on our channel, so check it out!