Pokémon are many things: cute, fascinating, potentially terrifying, but above all else, they are animals. Notably intelligent animals, for sure, but still animals, all with their own habits and habitats. That’s what’s inherently fascinating about games like New Pokémon Snap: the opportunity to see these interesting creatures in their native element. And occasionally throw things at them. If you’d like a taste of this feeling, you should check out the new New Pokémon Snap trailer showcasing the sounds of nature in the Lental region.

A new trailer released on Nintendo UK’s YouTube account gives us a minute-long glimpse of the Lental region and its vast wildlife. While the proper game will likely have accompanying music, this trailer has no such accoutrements, allowing the sights and sounds to simply speak for themselves. It’s quite relaxing; the sound of wind whistling through the grass, the soft moos of the Bouffalants, the sleepy face of a napping Dodrio, and the curious glances of the Emolgas in the trees.

New Pokémon Snap Trailer Showcases the Sounds of Nature in the Lental Region

Speaking of Lental’s Pokémon, this brief glimpse also gives us a small idea of what to expect from Lental’s grassy regions. In addition to the aforementioned Emolgas, Bouffalants, and Dodrios, you can also spot a pod of meadow-colored Vivillon (or whatever a group of those is called) flying through the air. On the dirt road is a Pichu frolicking with a Grookey, and over by the stone bridge, next to the napping Dodrio, is a Bidoof retrieving a small stick, likely to build a dam.

Press kits have confirmed that New Pokémon Snap will feature appearances by 200 different Pokémon from across the franchise’s eight generations, including some Legendary Pokémon like Lugia and Celebi. It’s a shame Blockbuster isn’t a thing anymore; I’d love to use one of those old kiosks to print my photos out…