Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem – How to Solve Astrology Puzzle

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You’ll read Lauren’s letter, but still don’t get how to decipher it and solve the puzzle? You can find the answer in this short guide.

Astrology Puzzle Guide

  1. The letter says midwinter, which translates to Yule, then it says something about brightest, which you sort of half-guessed was the bottom one directly opposite Yule on the same ring (whatever summer is supposed to be).
  2. Then the outer ring depresses itself. Then you click on Leo (lion cub) and Taurus (ox) on the 2nd ring, and that ring goes down. 
  3. The third ring is tricky because it says the month where Spring begins or something, which is actually March, but the correct date in the puzzle is 2/2, and then you would press 10/31 for Samhain. 
  4. The last inner circle is based on the last line of the letter, which is about the elements. It mentions home and freedom, so you would press earth and then air.

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