My Little Blacksmith Shop – Crafting Tools Guide

This will detail some of the ways to craft tools.

How to Craft Tools


Daggers are made with any one hand grip and any short blade.


  • Swords are made with Normal sized blades, which require two heated ingots to be on the anvil.
  • Any Grip must first be combined with any Non-Strong (one hand) guard.
  • Then the gripped guard can be attached to the normal blade.


Like a sword, except this is three heated ingots – all of its guards are “strong” and generally bigger.

Hatchet (Small Axe)

Two heated ingots and any one hand grip.

In order for it to be saleable.

Bonus Information

The Blacksmith is more talented (or less caring) than NPCs about the tools. A Blacksmith can equip any Hatchet / Small Axe head.

One hand, Two hand, even Pole grip last I checked, if its got a small axe head, the Blacksmith can equip it as their hatchet.

NPCs will ignore its existence if it isn’t one hand grip.

Two Hand Large Axe / Two headed Axe

Pickaxe and Large Axe head are both three ingot axe heads with a blade on both sides. These both use two handed grips, of any variety, to make proper items.


Like with the Hatchet, The blacksmith is capable of using anything with a Pickaxe head on it. The customers will ignore it if its not a two hand grip


Small Hammers and maces are made with two ingots and one hand grips. Greathammers/War hammers are made with three ingots and two hand grips.


Information that is extra. If it is a Mallet / hammer head (small hammer head that isn’t a mace head) The Blacksmith can use it but unlike with hatchet and Pickaxe, The blacksmith cannot use hammer + Polegrip as their smithing hammer

This is because Small Hammer + Pole Grip is an Alternate style of Polearm.


Like mentioned in hammer section. Polearms can be fixed with a small hammer as a variant 2 polearm (i think it was variant 2, it doesn’t really matter).

The other Polearm variant is Polegrip + Dagger head.

Extra bonus info

These are still perfectly sellable to customers.

Polearms are “blade + polegrip”.

This actually means any blade is possible, You can each make a large blade + polegrip polearm, and sell it.

But that isn’t all.

You can also give it a guard, for just a pinch extra cost, you can make any Polegrip, any guard, any blade combination, and sell it. Guard will not attach to a hammer head – if a polegrip has a guard, it will only take blade


Shields require you to cut lumber, take the log over to the woodworking bench, and select planks, then press the lever down to cut it into the planks.

With the planks stacked on there from one log, some of the shields will be selectable, among other things.

To get the other shields that cost more planks, you’ll need to set the first planks aside, and load up another log to cut, then readd the amount of planks necessary.

Once you have the shield board crafted.

You will need 5 (6 optionally) ingots in order to craft the rest of the shield:

  • 2 ingots are necessary for shield rim.
  • 1 ingot for shield boss, a reinforced.. button, basically, that goes in the front of the shield (it will automatically go where it needs to).
  • 1 ingot for the wrist grip.
  • 1 ingot for the hand grip.
  • (Optional) 1 ingot for the laurel (if you intend to do it, this should probably not be done last).

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