My Breast Friend Sally – All Hidden Items (with Misc. Achievements)

Guide for all hidden items in the game together with an explanation for some misc. achievements. To complete the game simply visit every marked location, complete the connected story and click on Sally last.

Guide to Hidden Items


  • There are a total of 22 hidden objects.
  • If you accidently miss a hidden photo you have to replay the game/scene.
  • The game has to be played in 1 go, if you close it you have to re-do scenes.

Hidden Items

Map objects

  • Click on the chicken and finish the memory game.
  • Click on the cows to get an achievement.

Cow Tipper

  • Poke a cow.

Sharp As A Tack

  • Win Milton’s matching game challenge.

Sally scene

Stable scene

  • Click on the girl first to make objects clickable.
  • Click on the shiny object in the bottom right to finish the scene.

  • Revisit the scene

  • Farm house scene

Click on the girl once first to make objects clickable.


  • Unlock all hidden items.

Misc Achievements

Click on either the breasts or panties of sally in the main menu.

Peek A Moo

  • Get Sally to strip from the Title Menu.

Click on one of the links in the bottom right corner in the main menu.

True Fan

  • Visit a developer or publisher web link.

Click on the open book icon in the main menu (rightmost button).

What About?

  • Check out the About Menu.

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