Mushrooms Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact mushrooms are one of many plants that you can find in the game, and it’s necessary for completing one of the steps in the Marvelous Merchandise event. Fortunately for you, mushrooms are fairly abundant in Genshin, just in certain areas around the middle of the world map. With all that said, in our Mushrooms Genshin Impact guide, we’re going to show you where to find mushrooms.

mushrooms genshin impact
Mushrooms Genshin Impact

Where to Find Mushrooms Genshin Impact?

To find mushrooms in Genshing Impact, there are many different locations that you can look. They are mostly concentrated around the center of the map, as you can see in the map below. There are several places that have one or two or three little groups of mushrooms, but then, you have a whole metric ton in certain other areas. For example, that peninsula southwest of the ice region? Simply lousy with the stuff. You get the idea. Simply go to any of the circled areas below, and you’ll have more mushroom than you can handle in no time.

where to find mushrooms genshin impact
Genshin Impact mushroom locations (click to enlarge)

Now, as for why you’d need mushrooms in Genshin Impact, well, there are many potential reasons. For one, you can make several dishes using them. These include chicken-mushroom skewer, fruity skewers, mushroom pizza, invigorating pizza, noodles with mountain delicacies, cold noodles with mountain delicacies and Quigce stir fry. More importantly, however, you’re going to need to find ten mushrooms in order to complete one of the steps in the Marvelous Merchandise event. It ends on November 2nd, so shake a leg and get to collecting.

So, there you have it, that’s where you can find Genshin Impact mushrooms. If you need help with anything else in the game, we have a ton of Genshin guides for you to check out. Among others, we’ve written Pyro Regisvine Location, Domain of the Wayward Path, and Find Prince – Master’s Day Off Quest. And many, many, many more.

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