Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Things Bannerlord Doesn't Tell You

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This guide is to help players of the Campaign not to rip their hair out trying to figure this game out.

Trading & Workshops


  • Talk to roaming Caravans for information on what sells for low and high at places.


  • Open a workshop in a CITY for 15,000 for daily income.



  • You cannot start a Kingdom until you complete the banner quest.

Marriage & Family


  • Bribe your way into a Keep to speak to an unmarried Lady (Or be part of the Clan or Kingdom).
  • You must successfuly complete 3 bribes in order to woo her.
  • After that, get a good rep with the clan leader, or Kingdom leader.
  • Speak to her again, and say you should get married. Once she agrees, speak to the senor.
  • The senor will be her CLAN leader, NOT the kingdom leader. You will need 5k denars.


  • Wait in the city and speak to her once. Wait more and the it’ll say she’s pregnant.
  • She’ll have a child – you do not need to wait there while she’s pregnant.
  • Once born, you can name the child by pressing on the popup.
  • She can have multiple children.

Castles, Cities & Towns

If you do not own a Keep, you can inherit one from your spouse. Alternatively, you can form your own Kingdom and take over a Castle, or City.


  • Prisoners will escape from Prison, better off selling them instead of keeping them there.

Keep upgrades:

  • You can upgrade your castle from the castle management tab. Each upgrade has a certain affect on the keep, ie: Garrison capacity, food capacity, production, etc.

Companions, Armies & Influence


  • Companions can be bought at Taverns.
  • Having at least 1 companion will allow you, depending on the Quest, to send them in your stead to complete Quests for denars. (They will automatically return to your party. You do not have to go back and get them.


  • *Once part of a Kingdom* You can also use companions to form armies which can travel alongside you to increase your maximum army size. Typically you would need influence to summon other clans to your aid, but your own army traveling alongside you doesn’t require influence.


  • The easiest way to gain influence is, while being part of a Clan or Kingdom, wait for them to create an Army. You’ll be notified when someone creates an Army. Join their army and travel with them. You’ll passively gain influence while traveling with them, helping them on their conquest.
  • Attack roaming bands of Looters, enemy clans, etc.
  • Attack settlements.

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