Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to Fix FPS (Stutter Problems)

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This guide quickly just run over all the settings that you can tweak and change and make the game playable at this stage (only for people playing with specs not meeting the minimum requirement).

Guide to Fix FPS and Stutter Problems


  • Lowering the resolution to 1280 x (your choice).
  • Set the V-Sync to Full. (Video Tab).
  • Lower your resolution scale to 50, or even lower if you are okay with potato graphics (Video Tab).
  • Set sharpen amount to zero (Video Tab).
  • Set the overall quality to very low (Performance Tab).

Lastly, Disable everything you can, i do not recommend any filtering and tesselation. Aliasing and stuff should be off or set it to lowest.

You may increase your FPS if you lower your resolution scale in the video tab.

If you keep the resolution scale to 100 and like it, try lowering the frame limiter from 200 to 60.

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