Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Beginners Tips and Tricks

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A couple tips for people new to Bannerlord.

Useful Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  1. In the tavern game for the empire, defenders have a large advantage, making it easy to get 500 from the max bet at each city every week.
  2. Using the tip of an arrow in first person is much more accurate for aiming than the reticle.
  3. When you get to a city or village, missions will be displayed on the top right. For missions such as wiping out enemies, escorting, or gang fights you can assign a companion (which costs ~700-1400) and around 10 troops to the task for easy completion and easy (large amounts of) money. Missions like this generally take about a week (~3-9 days).
  4. Troops and horses are the main factor for storage capacity. Horses other than sumpter and mule also increase speed when you have foot soldiers. Sumpter and mule give more storage capacity than other horses.
  5. If you lose your companions (Death off), you can go to the clan menu to see where they are located.
  6. If you place fodder forces in front of more important forces (and yourself), the fodder will draw most of the fire.
  7. Turning your body mid-attack can sometimes make up for early lack of speed.
  8. If you are in a small fight (such as tournament) you can tank enemy attacks with a shield while your teammates attack them or you can attack them from behind while they’re attacking your teammates.
  9. Early game prisoners and most early game equipment are not worth taking as they slow you down and are worth very little coin. Unwanted melee weapons can be recycled at the smithy.
  10. Holding left alt can tell you where enemies and important characters are.
  11. Some missions (Fencing) are often not worth it as they give you criminality and lower your relation with certain characters.
  12. Missions can get you much more renown than early fights (most looter/bandit fights give ~1 renown each).
  13. If you plan on staying around a city or village for a while, doing missions for the characters there can improve your recruiting (relation). *Some missions (crime) lower your relations with others in the city.

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