Mossy Key Door Location in Ocean’s Heart

In Ocean’s Heart there are a number of secrets for players to uncover. Many of these secrets are straightforward while others are a bit more mysterious. One secret you can uncover is a Mossy Key that is dropped by a White Mandrake enemy in the Forest of Tides area. This key opens a nearby door. To help you find the Mossy Key door location use our guide below.

Where is the Mossy Key Door?

Image showing the door the Mossy Key opens in Ocean's Heart.

Once you have Mossy Key you may be wondering which door it opens. Take the key and head slightly northeast of where you encountered the White Mandrake. Continue heading slightly northeast until you reach a cluster of trees and a treasure chest next to a crate. Walk north past these trees to find an abandoned shack. This abandoned shack is locked. Use the Mossy Key to open the door.

Inside the abandoned shack you will need to solve a crate pushing puzzle. To complete this puzzle push the furthest left crate up and then push the crate beside it to the right. Head up the cleared path so you can push the crate in the middle to the right. Once this crate is pushed to the right the path will be cleared to the armor. Picking up this armor piece will add +1 armor to your character. This will end the associated quest with the Mossy Key.

This is just one of many locked doors you will need to find as you play Ocean’s Heart. Many of these locked doors contain rewards you will find useful as you make your way through the game.

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