MORDHAU – Predicting Morphs And Fients: Easy Guide

A guide on how to predict morphs and feints and not fall for them, this guide is mainly aimed at newer players.


In this guide I shall teach you the SECRET to understanding morphs n’ feints, so you never fall for them again!, Now you can impress your higher level friends!

The Key: The Grunt

Now you may be asking yourself, “What the heck is “The Grunt”?” It is a noise a character makes when they are fully committed to a swing, Now, considering that some people don’t know this is a thing, it’s a very powerful tool to understanding the KEY to this guide.

Using the Grunt to Your Advantage

But how does this little sound help me predict these things? you might be thinking. The way to use it is by blocking when you hear the noise, A feint doesn’t make the noise and when you morph, the first attack doesn’t make the noise. You can easily use this to make those pesky feints and morphs feel like a bad dream.

A Problematic Strat: Drags And Accels

A Accel is where you “Speed Up” an attack by turning the direction of your swing. A Drag is essentially the same thing except you turn the opposite direction of your swing to Slow it down. If the enemy does it, you gotta rely on your eyes at their weapon, and is a very hard thing to counter.


I do hope that this guide helped some of you low level people having troubles with countering these mechanics, I do wish you knights and soldiers luck on the front-lines.

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