MORDHAU – Muratore Bergamasco Guide

This guide will teach you all the secret of the Muratore Bergamasco.


Brief History of the Muratore Bergamasco

The Muratore Bergamasco is a legendary figure of the city of Bergamo in Italy.

His work

He is a rude man that know how everything goes in the world. Thanks to his knowledge Muratore Bergamasco is an absolute power in the battleground, but his predominant skill is building. He is a master builder even if he never studied how to build, this is an innate talent and is known that is pillow is made of bricks.


Muratore Bergamasco usually wears only his tunic which can protect him against pretty everithing. It’s said that one time he fell in an industrial meet mincer but his tunic save him from death.

So the loadout advised:

  • Tunic (the color you like want).
  • Working Shorts(cause you always have to work).

You don’t need shoes or a cap because your body is made of iron.


The weapon of the master builder

To become the best of all Muratori Bergamaschi you have to train and use their weapon set. This is not the best set in Mordhau so far but if you learn how to use those items, you will probably win every match with everything then.

Blacksmith Hammer

Obviously this is a must have for a master Mordhau player and builder because it has decent stats and can repair things so you need it.

* You can use the Carrot in map where you find it, because is the best repairing tool in the game.

Pavise Shield

Pavise is a shield that cannot be used to “shield yourself”. Let me say this, shields are the ruin of this game. But pavise is not a shield like other, it cannot be held and the only thing you can do with it is placeing it to create a small wall. And it is beautiful to keep on the back so it is a must.


Nothing to say about it, you are a builder.


In duels you cannot bring your pavise and toolbox so you can take your Quartestaff or you can also change the dimension of your hammer 🙂

The Mind of a Muratore Bergamasco (Perks)


A Muratore Bergamasco have obviously this set of perks because of his personality.

  • Fireproof – thanks to his iron body
  • Friendly – the frendliest in the server
  • Tenacious – you cannot stop for a pause
  • Smith & Wrecker – this is how you work

MORDHAU - Muratore Bergamasco Guide

In duels you don’t need Smith & Wrecker because nobody can build so you can change them.

Note that fireproof is caused by your iron body and also note that you are the friendliest, those perk cannot be removed.

The Body of a Muratore Bergamasco


You like a lot eating, your wife is a homechief and cook so good that teached Ramsay. You are a bit fat but don’t worry about them, your muscles are twice bigger than your belly.

You are a sort of giant in the battle field so you scare your opponent.

The Face

The Face is the most important thing. You can be recognized as a Muratore Bergamasco thanks to your face. It must be unique so you have to make yours, but all Muratore Bergamasco’s faces are similar so look at mine and try something like this.

MORDHAU - Muratore Bergamasco Guide

The Honor Code


A Muratore Bergamasco generally does what he want to do. This is because his nature is gentle and all his actions are done to make good things. This is what you have to keep in mind while you play the game. But there are some traditions that all Muratori Bergamaschi respect


Muratore Bergamasco always skate. This is why you have a big pavise on your back, you have to skate on it. How? I will teach you.

First you need to drop you pavise, by default hold it and press G.

MORDHAU - Muratore Bergamasco Guide

Now you have to switch to the toolbox and make a Squat while wathcing at the pavise. By default press X to show the emotes and than 5.

MORDHAU - Muratore Bergamasco Guide

Ok there you are, hold the E button to swap the toolbox with the pavise and all it’s done. You are skating now. Just remember to get also the toolbox back so look at it and single press E again.

MORDHAU - Muratore Bergamasco Guide

*Note that if you only skate your allies will kick you. You are a builder so help the team with building, but for long travel use skate.

Help the game

You love Mordhau and so you became a Muratore Bergamasco. Now help the game writing on chat insulte to everyone using:

  • Shields
  • Rapiers
  • Rapier & Shield
  • Rapier & Shield & Dodge
  • Rapier & Shield & Dodge on a horse

You can also not insult them, but ask politely to change their build.

Bards. You want to protect bard. That is because you like music at work so defend them and try to protect them also on chat.

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