The new City Reputation system is now live in Genshin Impact’s “A New Star Approaches” update. Travelers can earn reputation levels with Liyue and Mondstadt by completing Requests, Bounties, World Exploration, and City Quests. Progressing through this new system unlocks some beneficial rewards to help you out on your journeys in Teyvat. Below, you can find a list of all Mondstadt and Liyue City Reputation Rewards in Genshin Impact by level.

There are two City Reputation NPCs, including one in each major city. At Mondstadt, players can seek out Hertha, the Knights of Favonius coordinator. Over at Liyue Harbor, players can pay a visit to Ms. Yu, the Ministry of Civil Affairs secretary. As you gain levels with each city, you can claim new rewards. There are eight rewards for each city you can obtain by completing the Reputation-related tasks.

Mondstadt City Reputation Rewards in Genshin Impact

Here are the Mondstadt City Reputation rewards by level:

  1. Recipe: Northern Apple Stew
  2. Instructions: Anemoculus Resonance Stone
  3. Diagram: Wind Catcher
  4. Mondstadt Hero’s Frame (Namecard), Recipe: Adventurer’s Breakfast Sandwich
  5. Diagram: NRE (Menu 30)
  6. Diagram: Anemo Treasure Compass, Instructions: Portable Waypoint
  7. Mondstadt Blessing (Namecard), Recipe: Moon Pie
  8. Wings of Azure Wind

Liyue City Reputation Rewards in Genshin Impact

Here are the Liyue City Reputation rewards by level:

  1. Recipe: Golden Shrimp Balls
  2. Instructions: Geoculus Resonance Stone
  3. Instructions: Condensed Resin
  4. Liyue A Thousand Ships (Namecard), Recipe: Lotus Flower Crisp
  5. Diagram: Adepti Seeker’s Stove
  6. Diagram: Geo Treasure Compass 
  7. Liyue – In the Clouds (Namecard), Recipe: Tianshu Meat
  8. Wings of Golden Flight

The rewards are a mix of blueprints, recipes, name cards, and glider skins. Perhaps most useful are the Resonance Stones for those players working on collecting them all. Other quality of life gadgets like the Treasure Compass for each region will help you find treasures all over the corresponding areas. Check back with the NPCs as you complete Reputation-related tasks to claim your rewards.